Planning a wedding is an incredibly exciting time however it's a time filled of big decisions (and a lot of them!)

One of the first decisions you need to make is actually where you want to tie the knot and if you're NSW based then you are absolutely spoilt for choice. Today I want to break down the Macarthur region and why this NEEDS to be one of your considered locations.

Sweeping over 3000 square kms of rolling hills, countryside and endless photo opportunities, the Macarthur oozes old school romanticism and charm.

I want you to stop for a moment and visualise this;

It is the morning of your wedding day. You wake up in your countryside cabin to the smell of fresh air and wild flowers as the birds chime in with their morning call.

You are at the ceremony now and are walking down a petal covered isle with an endless countryside backdrop.

Once it's time for the photographs you don't know where to start. Perhaps the rolling hills and sparkling lake? Maybe you want to head over and say hello to the neighbourhood horses? If you're looking for something a little more "glamorous" the manicured lawns and stunning heritage listed buildings should do the trick.

When you head into your reception it is everything you ever dreamt of.; an old rustic barn lit by fairy lights. Wine barrels and hay bales make the perfect outdoor hangout spot for your guests to enjoy and share the tales of your love story.

Okay, time to bring you back to reality (for now). Could you see yourself there? If you could then I can promise you that getting married in the Macarthur will bring your bridal dream to life.

So now you know that the Macarthur is where you want to get married, which venue will be most fitting? I'll leave below 5 of the most beautiful Macarthur wedding venues for you to have a look at however I will warn you, making the choice will be pretty damn difficult!

1. Burnham Grove Estate - Located in Cawdor

2. Belgenny Farm - Located in Camden South

3. Gledswood Homestead - Located in Catherine Hills

4. Camden Valley Inn - Located in Camden

5. Ottimo House - Located in Denham Court

Happy wedding planning lovers!

xx Indi

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