Hi lovely, I'm Indianna (Indi), the owner of Studio Eighty Five.


Where do I start? Let's go back to the beginning and say that I wasn't one of the typical girls who always knew that they wanted to be in the beauty industry. In fact, I was a bit of a tomboy. It wasn't until high school, when relentless bullying lead to me turning to makeup as an outlet. Something that I used to hide behind and use to change who I was, soon became a tool of empowerment and creative love. It was at this point I knew that I wanted to share the gift of using makeup to enhance and empower, rather than change.

I completed my makeup studies with Melissa Sassine, specialising in bridal and events makeup, in 2019 and worked for the Ch7 Network soon after graduating. I decided to prioritise my love for working with everyday people like you and me and left the TV industry to harbour my passion working alongside brides. 

I completely understand that the world of makeup is pretty overwhelming, especially if you aren't used to wearing it often. Each individual is unique, thus so should each makeup application. I pride myself on creating a warm and welcoming space in which I can guide you through the consultation and makeup process to ensure you love the look that we create. 

I can't wait to meet you soon!

xx Indi