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Hey beautiful, I know you have the drive and the passion to kill it in your business but sometimes it can seem a little overwhelming.

Have you hit a plateau and can't seem to grow your clientele? 

Would you LOVE your beauty business to provide you with a CONSISTENT full time income? 💸

Do you feel like you're working hard and doing everything right but you KNOW you can have MORE from your biz?

The Behind the Beauty Mastermind is designed to bring you the BEST tools, templates and strategies which has grown multiple businesses in the industry and it is GUARANTEED to do the same to yours!


✅ 11 Modules

✅ 35 Easy to follow videos

✅ Downloadable templates and checklists

✅ Access to a private online community of like minded business owners

✅ Lifetime access

✅ Self paced (perfect for your busy hustle life!)

✅ Accountability check ins



01 Back to Basics

- Goal Setting

- Branding 

- Ideal Client

- Niching Your Business

- Priority To-Do List

02 The Fine Print

- Contracts

- Policies 

- T&Cs

- Policies Worksheet 

03 Money Mindset

- KPIs

- Money Management

- Pricing Your Service

- Upselling & Packages

04 Slay Your Socials

- Create a Community

- Gaining Traction

- Platform Breakdown 

- Selling on Socials

- Social Strategy

05 Getting Leads

06 Conversing & Converting

- Email Handling

- Sales Process

07 The Difficult Convos

- Handling Objections

- Saying No

- Price Increase

- Setting Your Boundaries

08 Present With Passion

- Onboarding

09 Breaking Into Bridal

- Getting & Converting Bridal Leads

- Pre Wedding Checklist

- Quotes

- Timing Schedule

- On the Day 

- Follow Ups

10 Create a Cosmetic Line

- From the Ground Up eBook

11 Guest Speakers (BONUS)

- Matt Ashton @mattashton_photo

- Breanah @beautybybreanah

- Email Marketing

- Facebook Groups

- Lead Generation Schedule

- Lead Magnets

- Networking

- Value Stacking